Rainbow Rentals offers a variety of styles of dinnerware for any buffet, sit-down, or in-home dinner. Plates, cups, saucers, glasses, silverware and serving utensils are just some of the equipment we offer. Also available are coffee service, trays, and chafing dishes. Please contact us for a full list of items as we are always updating our inventory.





Water Goblet

A perfect multi-purpose glass, it is made for water, soda, juice, or even cocktails or wine. A must for any event.


Beer Mug

Why make your guests drink out of the bottle at your party?

Nothing is better than a frosty glass for beer. Just throw a few in the freezer the night before, and you can have that bar feel right at home!


Pictured above is our standard flatware place setting. For special items, please contact our office as we have special items such as soup spoons, cocktail forks, and more.

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Tablespoon, and Teaspoon

Champagne Saucer

The classic look for champagne is in the saucer. This piece of stemware is great for any champagne or sparkling wine.




Champagne Flute

Our tulip-shaped champagne flutes are preferred over saucers, as they better hold the carbonation and aroma of champagne. A must for any wedding or formal event, our flutes are an upscale addition to any event.



Pictured above is our selection of pure white china, while below is our ivory china with a gold band. We carry just about anything you will need in this style. Dinner plates, salad plates, cups, saucers, soup bowls, and more are available for your event. As always, if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our office, as we are contstantly adding to our inventory.


Highball Glass

Serving cocktails? Our highball glass is designed for cocktails on the rocks. Have the right glass, and look like an experienced bartender at your own party.


To Scale Relative Glass Sizes

Cocktail (Martini) Glass

Great for manhattans, cosmopolitans, the sophisticated martini. Why would you serve your drinks in anything else?


Old Fashioned Glass

Shorter, but wider than a highball glass, this glass is designed for mixed drinks with two or less ingredients served on the rocks.


Punch Cup

An all-purpose punch glass. Available in clear or cut glass.


White Wine Glass

Our 6.5oz white wine glass is tall and narrow, although not as narrow as our champagne flutes, with somewhat straight sides. The narrowness of the white wine glass allows the chilled wine to retain its temperature longer.


Red Wine Glass

Our 8.5oz red wine glass is rounder with a wider bowl, which gives the wine a chance to breathe. Since most reds are meant to be served at room temperature, the wider bowl also allows the wine to cool more quickly after hand contact has warmed it.


Hurricane Glass

The hurricane glass is a stylish glass used for daquiris, piña coladas, and tropical rum drinks.


Zombie Glass

The zombie glass, also known as a tall highball glass, is perfect for tropical drinks that require a lot of ingredients. Use it for piña coladas, daquiris, long island iced teas, or even a tall glass of lemonade!

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