If you are planning a wedding, then Rainbow Rentals has what you need to make your wedding memorable and special.


Our wedding arches are perfect for hanging flowers, taking pictures, and make a good backdrop for your wedding. Combine them with matching accessories to make your event look great. We carry brass, white plastic (in wicker style), and colonade style arches for weddings.

Brass Arch
White Arbor



Our candelabra are all polished brass, and match perfectly with our other brass wedding items. Mechanical candles are also available for our candelabra so that there is no dripping onto the brass. We offer everything from three to fifteen light versions of our candelabra.

Fifteen Light Candelabrum Seven Light Candelabrum


Candle Lighter/Snuffer


Wedding-Specific Items

In addition to the items listed above, we carry just about anything that you could need for your wedding. As always, please call our office if there is something you are looking for that you don't see on our website. Below are some other items that are popular for weddings we have done.

Kneeling Benches Champagne Fountain Folding Screens Plant Stands
(Also available in brass)



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